Thursday, August 26, 2010

Missing out

How do they do it? How do working women STAND it? How do they not spend every moment worrying and wringing their hands over the projects they work on while they know they are missing out? How do they go about their work and focus on the things needed from them when their baby is with someone else?

It is Thursday and already I know wihtout doubt that I am missing out. Kay only goes to school half day and I know I know that next year will be EVEN WORSE because she will be in school all day long...(shudder). I am missing a piece of her life every morning. It is driving me nuts because Kay I don't actually know what is happening in her morning routine. She is spending every morning with someone, a lovely lady teacher who I'm confident is very qualified to teach , I don't actually know well. This I will have to change. I'm just not very good at that sort of thing. My poor little mind is frying under the strain of it all.

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