Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lightning strikes twice and the return of the snow.

3am is a nasty hour to wake up on the nicest of days. However January 29th was a particularly nasty awakening. It was a dark and stormy night. The kind of night that people sleep through while their subconscious drowns out the beating rain and rumbling sky. Now those who have read this blog since it's inception will know that the very first summer we spent in this house was punctuated by two events. One was the horrible wreck that wadded up our Jeep Cherokee. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The other event happened while KK and I were napping in the master bedroom listening to the rain when there was a  horrendous thundering KABOOM!  and then the sound of something Santa Claus sized falling onto the roof. I awoke thinking that the house had been struck by lightning. But no, to my horror I discover that the old dead spongy pine tree just outside the window was the victim of the electrical discharge and summarily blew up. I'm not kidding it went everywhere.
Now lightning striking that close isn't a sound anyone is likely to forget. So when, at 3 am on the 29th of the new year, I experienced the same earth shattering sound I came wide awake and was prepared to evacuate the house with my family and pets. However once again the house was spared. The mulberry tree (front corner near the drive as opposed to the back corner exactly mirror image opposite where the pine tree once stood) has a stripe where the lightning blew the bark off . It didn't topple over, thank God, for had it done so it would have crushed the car or our neighbors house or our roof. It may be under stating to say that I am eying all the trees near the house with great suspicion. 

 Some weeks later (two days ago) KK decided to cut her own hair and though she didn't do too bad a job (at least it was even in the front for the most part) I had to take her in twice to get her hair cut. The first time she refused to sit still for any portion of the cut. The bob was cute but didn't cover the fact that she had butchered her do so I took her in today to her regular lady and had them do another adorable pixie cut like we did last summer. She is adorable and sassier now than she was in the womb. 

Finally to the Pièce de résistance. Thursday, though Clay was let off an hour early (an hour he doesn't get paid for), the sleet that began when he got in the car turned into large clumps, gobs, globs, blobs, clumps, and clods of snow. We set out a bowl and gathered some. KK loves to eat snow and it was pretty tasty. Every time a patch fell from the sky onto my hoodie I could feel the plop and hear the ice crystals break with a little *pfff*. More than once we got an eye full. When the bottom of the bowl was covered (maybe 45 minutes) we took our frozen girl (she'd been eating snow off our sleeves the whole time) inside and she ate the "snow cake" or packed snow in the bowl. It was a magical experience that balanced out the lightning well.

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Mary said...

I found your site through "girlichef" and have enjoyed reading the posts you have shared with us. You have as we Irish say "a way with words." Have a great day...Mary