Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the little mermaid of yarn

I can't believe it! I'm one tail fin away from completing the very first mermaid yarn doll I've ever made and I can't find my tapestry needle! I really need a new set and I have to get some tread to make this cool lacy little needle holder book but now? I mean we just dropped some 500 dollars on the new water heater (ours apparently decided to drop dead) and now my poor cheap blue plastic temporary tapestry needle is missing? I had at least another dolls worth of use out of it and I can't find it! broken pipes, lost jobs, behavior problems and all, this has been a terrible January. I'd cook but I haven't the money to buy the ingredients.

OH! That reminds me I found the print outs of what type of seeds grow best for this area. I'm hoping I can get them online for cheaper than Lowe's. I love Lowe's but they can be a little expensive. I haven't seen the shining new water heater yet but the part I'm more concerned with is does the water come out of the tap clean? I looked at the seed department (the two large temporary stands of seed packets) but their variety is a little low. I am hoping that if I get seed varieties that actually grow in this area our garden will do better than last years. Seedling were plentiful but most of them went to seed. The rest simply lingered never making anything bigger than a thumb. Even the tomato bushes were all vine but low yield. Everything stunted. I think maybe they needed more soft soil for the roots. This year I'm hoping to make some sort of make shift strip planter for herbs in the front lawn. There is one sunny strip that stays bright all year. Its the only strip bright all year. Everything else has a time limit because of all the trees in the neighborhood. Those big oaks cast enormous shadows. The first season garden area in the back is almost dug out. Clay has these funny western boots he's going to use that just look ridiculous on him but they are waterproof and  he can wash them and not track in mud. I purchased some galoshes for Kay because any time either of us picks up a shovel she is right there with us. Her's are Hello Kitty.

I'm going to post picks of the mermaid when she is finished. I hope the next one turns out a little better and maybe I can remember what I did. I didn't write it down because I didn't know it would turn out. I'll know better next time. Any one upset that I had to monetize the blog I'm sorry but right now we are hurting and I'm working as hard as I can to get enough merchandise for an Etsy shop (yes I will post a link) but until that happens every cent helps.

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