Friday, October 09, 2009

halloween costume

I may have posted the this link already but here it goes:

this link depicts my angel faced daughter in a costume Narni bought her. When I asked KK what she wanted to be this year she couldn't really decide so I did what I did last year and took her to Joann's and leafed through the pages of the simplicity costume section. Now we've been watching a lot of scooby-doo lately (usually only on the days that are just packed to the brim and we come home needing to flop down and be still for a bit). The two in particular that stood out were Scooby-doo ghoul school and scooby-doo and the reluctant werewolf. So when my daughter announced the evening prior to our sewing trip that she wanted to be Dracula for Halloween I figured it was just because he appears in these two movies. Sure enough when she saw a picture of a kid wearing a Dracula costume she said "I wanna be Dracula!" and struck a scary pose. Well folks I have bought the fabric and taken my machine in to be repaired and am fully prepared to turn my little angel faced girl into... Diva Dracula. I am perhaps a bit concerned. Stay tuned for more...

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