Sunday, September 06, 2009

What was I thinking!

I signed up for two classes this semester... I'm thinking I may have lost my mind. One is a basic (english comp and rhetoric) taught by a grad student from TAMU. The other is one I had my eye on last year, Infant and Toddler. It's mostly the study of infants and toddlers in a group care setting, like day care or mothers day out. It's sort of a beginning educators course almost. In fact I think it is part of the curriculum for students getting their degree in education.

I&T is done Thursday nights and we share our professor with two other campuses, Schulenburg and Brenham. We fortunately have the professor on our end. I've never been in a class that had a video conference screen before. The poor girl in Schulenburg is the only one in the class but Brenham has a full class. It's going to be interesting. I like the professor and the reading won't be too overwhelming. I have to figure out how to squeeze in some observation hours. I need to observe toddlers and infants within the setting of a day care or mom's day out. The mom's club should have some good input on that front.

Clay is working for West now and working nights. This week he begins his 2-10 shift. Thank God the 4-12 training is over!!! We've spent his mornings cleaning the house getting ready for the semester. He reanted a rug doctor to freshen up the carpets and make the traveled areas fluffy again. The hall was the worst but then we expected that. We have some last minute planting to do before the semester REALLY gets going.

Saturdays will be the hardest with Comp and rhet from 9-12. THREE hours of comp and rhet... What was I thinking?! Three 500 word papers and one 1500 word paper due. The first 500 word draft is due next Saturday and I'm still wracking my BRAIN trying to figure out what to write about that I can dig up 5 sources just so I can use 2. If I had wanted this much aggravation why didn't I just get yet another pet?! Oh yeah higher learning and all that jazz. I must have lost my mind.

The reading is so dry and boring and I have to finish reading the Alchemist for book club (but that one is short and oddly soothing) and figure out what to chose for my host in December. I keep thinking that at some point life must have been simple. When was that? Why didn't I slow down and enjoy it more? Oh wait I did! It's just been so long since I went galloping through the waist high weeds under the spring sun that I've nearly forgotten what it was like. It's been ages since the sweet naps with the baby I could cradle in my arms and oo and coo at. I have got the baby fever so badly.

So while everyone had their babies this summer (every time I turn around someone is cooing at their month old, like a local baby boom!)I decided to tackle more education, though the baby thing is on the back burner. I'm going to enjoy it though. Infant and toddler is something I know a little about and am eager to know more and English has always been a strong point not to mention the professor is still young enough to be excited about his subject.

I just hope that I can manage.

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Rachel said...

You'll do great! Good luck with the semester!