Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sinti taller, ridoda, togafevier

sounds like something from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" made back in the 50's. Sinti Taller was my mothers made up word. To this day we have no idea what it means.

Ridoda (ree-doo-dah) was my word. I was two or three and wanted mom to turn on the car RADIO and got the sounds all mixed up. Mom had to play along until she could figure out what I was talking about. "Mommy would you turn on the ridoda?" "The what?" "The ridoda." "And where is the ridoda?" "There" and wallah (haha) "Oh you want me to turn on the radio." "yes, the ridoda."

This morning as Clay took Kay to the restroom he stood at the door and asked me what a togafevier (tah-gah-fee-vee-er) was. I think my exact words were "baking powder?" (our little in joke for beg your pardon). Kay finished and toddled into the living room and picked up a package of floral tape. Now Dante (the little chihuahua) arrived this morning around 7 am and had been playing about the place a bit. She turns to me with the package in her hand and says "Dante was chewing on your togafevier this morning." I had to choke back a laugh. She was so serious. I used to make up words too so this isn't surprising but I'm not sure I ever made up such an elaborate one. At the end is a double vowel sound that any mother would be proud of. I am convinced that she is reading though proving it is impossible because everything she reads also has pictures. Her memory is INCREDIBLE too.

Out in the garden she is a huge help. She knows how to shovel up "dobby's poop" and move it to the corner of the yard, a job formerly held by daddy alone. Her spirit of helpfulness can be taxing. She has more stamina, after all. Mom says that I was that way too. I wish we knew more about what Clay was like when he was a kid but since he can't remember much about that early early stage in life we just have to guess.

Clay is enjoying his free time in the mornings. We have started taking a family walk. It's more like a traveling circus but it is fun. The walk is long enough to benefit me and Dobby (Kay was over feeding him a while back). We stop at the bridge to look for the enormous turtle that lives in the 'creek' below. Cassandra loves the outdoors and loves helping out where ever she can. We have had to make up ways for her to take part in almost everything. Laundry, dishes, gardening and walking the dog are her favorites. She also loves taking care of the kittens and Dante. Clay and I are convinced that one day in the near future Kay, the kittens and Dante will be in the living room and when they all do something adorable simultaneously the world will come to an end in a swirl of 'squee!'

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