Saturday, May 02, 2009

One more push!

Mazltov! it's four little wet rats! And a birth soaked pair of house slippers!

While waking up at 6 am isn't pleasant on normal days it is even more harrowing when the first sound greeting you is the sound of a new kitten... somewhere in the dark. (to quote fifth element) AZIZ LIGHT!! There she was in my closet heaving out what I thought was the last Kitten. I waited with a wet wash cloth to help the exhausted mother cat urge her babes to life. I found one of the kittens had strayed, poor blind thing, into the recesses of the closet. I put him back in the warm fur of his mom. We waited until Penny could gather the strength to chew off the kittens sack and then moved them to the box with the nice fluffy towels... Only to discover nearly an hour later that one of the kittens was still attatched to some after birth. Figuring I just hadn't noticed Clay looked up on how to tie off the umbilical cord and did the job. Then I counted up.

There are now five fluffy kittens instead of four...... OMGBBQ what am I gonna do with FIVE kitten underfoot! I mean aside from love and cuddle them.

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