Sunday, May 24, 2009

cats, rats, chicken pox... and a chihuahua?

"GAH! Must have mobile life line to outside world!" So for our anniversary we updated our phones. I now have a sidekick. TADA! Mobile Internet, email, messaging, yadda yadda. However technology does not get rid of the day to day of life's little "GOTCHA!" moments.

So this week we noticed odd looking blister type doodads on Kay's feet and then hands and then knees and elbows... Clay looked it up and bingo! chicken pox. So we have been cooped up since Thursday morning. Kay threw up twice in the car on the way to play group and I thought it best if we stayed home and that is when we noticed that she was wearing virus couture. My first thought was "Oh please sweet Lord God don't let me catch it a forth time!" That's right folks THREE TIMES I had that virus. The last one was so bad I had to stay in one of the cushy rocking chairs because lying down or standing up induced the kind of head ache only pro athletes can withstand. You know, the one where you feel like thirty linebackers have just pummeled your head into the dirt? Couple that with a sore throat that only strep could out strip and I had myself an infection that would finally stick! Kay had the booster for the pox when she was 4 or 6 months old so the infection has been mild at worst. She isn't scratching or crying of itchiness, probably because she spends her time during the day "sweeting" the kitties, being a kitty, running around the yard, calling for Daddy, choosing her snacks and drinks, and otherwise keeps herself engaged in life and the big life changing events like should she have minute maid fruit water or Capri Sun fruit water? Scooby Doo and the Alien Invasion or Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost? Ah if only life stayed so simple.

It's been hard on her being "cooped up" here at home but she is a trooper. It helps that my mom just bought a chihuahua puppy. Dante is a four week (five now) old black male who likes short walks, short piddles, and his teddy bear. His pet peeves are interruptions to his nap times and being picked up wrong. He is just as cute as the kittens and just as attractive to Kay as the five puffballs are. Oh they have names now which means that to give them away would be like giving away Kay's birthday presents. Star and Jilly-boo are the girls, Foo and Choo are the boy twins (though they are differentiating now) and Flip Flop is the third male.

Penny and her brother Pharaoh have been very happy here and to show their appreciation I found them lying in front of the house................. with the tail and left hind leg of a rat. I of course wish very much that it was a mouse but with an 8 inch tail that is nearly hairless... well... (Sigh) it's a rat. I don't know where they got it from and I don't want to know. Pharaoh was so proud he jumped up and trotted over to it as if to say "See oh mistress of the house I have brought to you this gift of all gifts to honor the hand that feeds me!" I promptly let them into the house (though they could have gotten in through Kay's window) and fed them. Penny was ... full, I guess because she didn't eat much. The weird twilight zone type coincidence is that we were reading the climax to a Bill Wallace book called Totally Disgusting in which the young kitten must save his special person, a young girl named Jessica, from being bitten by a rat. The battle was fierce and we finished the book sighing in contentment as Penny nursed her kittens. This leads my child like imagination to be convinced that she heard and understood the book and went out to prove that she too was a brave and mighty killer of rats.

Personally I'd have been happy with a little field mouse, but I am happy that my cats are well equipped to handle themselves out in the dirty "dog eat dog"... er... "cat eat mouse" world that we live in.

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