Sunday, April 19, 2009

bang crash hack cough

"Lookit there! cows!"

I'm not sure just how it came about but Kay seems to love the outdoors as much as I do. We went to a place just outside of town called the Antique Rose Emporium and along the way pointed out all the livestock. Behind the Rose Emporium is a pasture filled with cows. I put Kay on my hip and walked across the road so she could see them but after a few minutes she wanted to "sweet" them. This is Kay's term for "being sweet to..." or being gentle with an animal. It felt so strange to hear the munching of the grass and the plod of hooves. To distract her we talked about the color, how many legs on the animal, and what the cow was eating. She took it all in. I wish we had a ranch simply because she seems to be born to the life. Then again she argues like a champ so maybe she should be a lawyer by day and a rancher by night hahaha. She played hard despite the hacking cough we've been fighting for a month and a half now. We were recovering when the storm blew in.
The past three days started with a bang of thunder and torrents of rain. Good thing too as Clay and I just finished bed number three and transplanted some corn onions and garlic. What started out as a money saving hobby has become an obsession with whole grown foods. The more we see grow the more we hope that this summer will see no grocery bills and maybe even a few extra bucks. City compost is anywhere from a penny a pound to free and the rich earth in the back yard is looking so fertile we have spent maybe 50 dollars all told. Kay loves helping plant and water. Clay and I harvested the rainwater to use over the next week or so. We hope to pick up 50-gallon Rubbermaid trashcans with lids to keep it in.
I just wish Dobby would take the fence lines a little more seriously than he does his guard-dog duties. If he would watch where he put his feet it wouldn't be so bad but good grief can he do damage without even trying. I try not to get too bent out of shape about the little stuff but patches of torn up lettuce bed really get on my nerves. But he is a good dog and loves Kay dearly. I think that is why he gets so funny about strangers. He almost ate a mailman once because he got between the house and the family. I've thought about putting up a mailbox out near the road so he won't give the mailpeople heart failure when they walk by the nice quiet window and he goes off like a barking alarm.
Speaking of pets Penny discovered that the corner of Kay's window screen has come untucked from the metal frame and uses it as a kitty door to go out and "doo" her business. She goes in and out at will and has become accustomed to making herself comfortable in the back yard... well, okay, maybe not the yard but certainly the patio. Specifically she loves Clay's blue folding canvas chair. She curls up in it when we are outside digging up "the back forty". She is very comfortable being our cat. She is very forgiving and that is a must in this house. If I'm not tripping over the kid, I'm tripping over the dog, if not the dog, then the cat, if not the cat, then a kid's toy, if not a kid's toy then a pet toy. If I'm not tripping over them then Clay is. But isn't that the life of a parent/pet owner? There is a potential second cat that is a ringer for Penny's brother. Same age, same colors, same face shape, and has a very comfortable manner. He comes up for food at night and sometimes comes in for a bit. He is okay with Penny now but needs more time with Dobby. I know that now isn't the time to be adopting pets but I can't help it. He came to us and meowed at the door until I opened it. Then rolled on the ground as if to say look how cute I am. It was sort of like he knew I was the softhearted type. This is the way I have come to own every one of my pets.
I'm not sure what has happened recently. A year ago I couldn't grow grass and now things are popping up left and right. Last year Clay had so much trouble focusing on anything productive even thought we had the money to be so and now he is more focused and alert. Physically my health isn't what it was but my mental health has improved a great deal. Both Clay and I have more energy even though we are still tired, to do the backbreaking jobs of cooking, cleaning, digging, hanging, hoeing, raking, shoveling, and everything else entailed in gardening and house keeping. To be honest right now it is a weird balance of taking care of one while the other goes untended and the switching off. It's sort of a weekly rotation but we are hoping a little organization will cure that.
Soon I hope to have things well in had. The lung crud that dogs us like some fiendish parasite does not hamper my enthusiasm for getting both yard and house synchronized. I picked up a few books and one of them was a Martha Stewart book called "good things for organizing". I have so many ideas that I wrote them all down on a list and figure that each time we go antiquing or garage "sailing" (haha) I can pick up one or two things that will continue to help pull those ideas up off the page. I have a book called Cleaning plain and simple that is supposed to be full of tips on making cleaning easier and more streamlined, which we desperately need.
Clay is starting his observation hours this week! yay! I'm nervous and a little excited but mostly I am confident he will be put at ease. He's had to get used to the idea that he is going to be teaching someone else's kid. But I know he will be one of those art teachers that the kids really like, the one that brings a new flavor each week to the class. I kinda think he should go the grade school route first if he can but I also think a junior high class would give him the opportunity to do a joint club after school program with a computer teacher where they get the kids into design and effects for the digital age.
I know what he is feeling though. It's so hard to feel grown up at thirty. You finally have all the responsibility you can handle (and some you can't) but you still feel like the college n00b! You are old enough to work for a living and pay your taxes but still young enough to wonder what you want to be when you "grow up".

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Rachel said...

Good luck to Clay! After observation comes instruction and he's going to be a great art teacher!