Sunday, February 22, 2009

rekindling an old passion

Last year at this same time I tried to rekindle my writing dedication. Plans changed, however. Clay opted for a second year working two jobs until he obtained his teaching certificate. He is currently working on his certification. However, mid January Reynolds and Reynolds laid off a huge number of people and Clay’s job got cut. Blue Baker stepped up though and they have agreed to find Clay as many hours as possible and we’ve still got plenty in savings to make it through the spring and summer.

In the fall K.K. should be enrolled in school. I don’t really want to send her to school but she is ready and I can use the time to work on my college degree. She is so smart and totally ready to read. I’m hoping to find at least a half-day program. She speaks so well and her ability to connect with children in her age demographic has really blossomed. Clay and I are both excited and terrified at the prospect of sending her to school. She is as strong willed as ever, feisty, sassy, contrary but always sweet and well behaved. She has grown into a lovely child, and I’m so proud of her. She has demonstrated skills beyond her age according to the brigance. She loves books, music, Scooby Doo, Pixar movies and the park. She loves counting the veggies we get at the farmers market, gardening in the back yard or “digging in the dirt” and of course running and playing with our dog Dobby. He’s a very good dog with her the only flaw in him is his tendency to dig up anything planted… and then eating it.

I’ve never been so lucky. I have a house that is half paid for, a car nearly paid off, the best dog and an outstanding daughter. Clay and I look around and wonder how we got here. It’s still odd that we are sorta isolated here. People here are very sweet but they tend to keep to themselves but the ones we have connected with have been so nice. I took Texas History last semester and the professor was fantastic! Because he taught it in a very cowboy story kinda way I could remember it all. I got an A and Matt did too! We were so very happy! I’m taking this semester off so Clay can get his certificate and next semester I’m hoping to take American History. I’m hoping to get my GPA up. There are some child development courses I want to take as well. I wish there was more literature but the schools specializing in that are VERY expensive and many hours away.

Well let’s get to some of the major things that happened this year. In October Kay-Kay managed to swallow a sewing pin when I went to get a fresh diaper for her. She came up saying she had a pin in her mouth then choked and it disappeared. I had trouble maintaining my calm. That led to a week in the hospital. The ER couldn’t find a room to get the scope into her tummy before it past into her small intestine but everything went smoothly with the removal surgery and the pin cause no damage at all. A lot of the moms I know shared their own horror stories, including my mom’s cousin Annette. Things like beans sprouting in the nose, swallowing dish detergent, and getting limbs stuck in all kinds of stuff. But Kay was a trooper about the whole thing. I tell you she is fearless. She loved running down the hall to see the newborns. I got to see Pat the nurse that held my hand through delivery. It was good to be surrounded by so many caring people.

The next week Clay and I took turns, the next week, putting her Dalmatian costume together. I got a ‘sewing for dummies’ pattern that had more versions and better instructions because I knew I couldn’t do it alone and Clay doesn’t know how to sew. She looked SOOO cute, it was worth the time and effort. We went to a party in the park and trick or treated on our street. Narni (my mom) put together bags of the trick-or-treaters and Kay-Kay handed them out. She had a blast. In November I put Thanksgiving dinner together (except for the turkey mom did that one). I made flour free stuffing and pie crust because mom became allergic to wheat. It turned out SO good and it all complimented the turkey perfectly. The corn bread stuffing was amazing and the casseroles turned out beautifully but the best thing to come out of the whole thing was the pecan pie! An oatmeal pecan pie recipe that knocked our socks off! Matthew LOVED the veggie casserole and the pecan pie.

Oh, I’ve become quite the little amateur chef since last year and especially since Christmas. We all had a terrific Christmas with plenty of delightful gifts but the best one of all was the gift that my mother gave me. She found a book at half priced books and couldn’t resist picking it up. When I unwrapped it I couldn’t believe it. The cookbook has recipes from some of the most famous restaurants in Europe in the 1960s and was written by Vincent and Mary Price. That’s right, scary Vincent Price the actor. So far of the recipes we have tried there hasn’t been a bad one in the bunch. I’m temped to try some of the seafood recipes to see if it would make the idea of fish once a week more tolerable. The mushroom soup was a huge hit with Matt and he doesn’t like mushrooms. The Coq Au Vin was incredible, the chicken cacciatore was phenomenal and there is an apple tart that has been calling my name since I read his description of it. Cuisine from France including escargot, Italian dishes I’ve only dreamed about, Holland delicacies, Scandinavian fare, English cookery, Spanish and Mexican gastronomy and then American food from New York, Brooklyn, Sudbury, Long Island, Boston, Richmond, Memphis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Hawaii, Palm Springs, L.A. San Fran, and Portland. The book is called ‘A Treasury of Great Recipes’ and, ho boy, is it ever great. They all sound so good the way Vincent describes them and the places and pictures it is amazing. I’ve toyed with the idea of maybe opening a restaurant when my children are grown and off to college. I have to plan something to fill the empty nest syndrome, lol.

On the 6th of March we are going to celebrate my Birthday at the Bargain Blitz. The junior league puts it on every year and we always have an incredible time. It’s two days of garage sailing all in one huge room at the Brazos Center. I’ve found many treasures there and always feel like I’ve had the best birthday ever. I can’t wait for this year’s event because it actually takes place on my birthday and the day after. In 2010 I turn 30 and Clay says it is to be one for the books. I hope all my friends can come and bring their children as well. I have no idea what he will plan but I hope he Gilmore’s it up right. You only turn thirty once and I am looking forward to it.

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