Monday, March 17, 2008

March 13, 2008

What a week and it isn’t even over yet. It’s Narni’s (my mom) spring break. We’ve spent every day doing house stuff (cleaning) and then hanging with mom. We went to the mall yesterday and found cute jelly sandals with light up heels for Kay K and got a rather pricey photo taken with the Easter Bunny, looked at dishwashers (yike$$) and played on the indoor playground. That morning we planted the lilies of the valley (Mays flower) in the front yard right under the window. If they come up it will be lovely but I think I waited too long. I replaced one of my salmon geraniums that died last winter. I’ll have to find some way of shielding them next year. I also have a pot of yellow mini roses but can’t really figure out where to put them. I keep looking at all the fruit plants at the farmers market with thoughts of “wouldn’t that make a lovely pie” or “wouldn’t that be fun to harvest”. There isn’t a whole lot of sun in my yard as all the trees are those big umbrella types.

We’ve been taking it easy this week mostly talking about remolding the house a little. Nothing major just giving her a bit of a face-lift and maybe a little half bath next to the kitchen. Mostly it’s rearranging the space inside a little here and a little there. But what we really want to do is paint. This place needs some color. Kay K’s room is the only one we got to paint before all the mess with Clay’s job. His year is almost up though. He said he’d work two jobs for a year and then see what our options are. He’s already decided he wants to go into teaching. I think his previous work in other venues will negate the social security windfall law. Besides with the money we are setting aside we should be fine come retirement.

What’s really exciting is Kay K using four word combos to communicate a PAST event! Our visit to the Easter Bunny took maybe 45 minutes because first she had to work up the nerve to go up there (Narni and I in tow) and then the picture didn’t take so we had to take it again. We let a little baby go first so Kay K could see it wasn’t really all that scary and she could digest the idea of going again. Well today mom brought the key chains that contain the photo and Kay K talked about it to us. “Sit Bunny take picture” and with a smile no less. She talked about how the bunny was soft and nice. It was great listening to her regale us with her adventure. Clay is so taken with her. She has his heart, along with Matt (Nogi), Joe and Adrian’s at the Theatre. We all have to check each other to keep from spoiling her or being too strict.

Between the four of us we must be doing something right. She’s better behaved than most children her age and she is able to get over her fears with a little nudging and support. When she is tired or hungry she maintains her sweet nature and communicates instead of tantruming. Even when she does tantrum she can get a handle on it when we count together. We sing the “one two buckle my shoe” song and I made up words to count back from ten. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, sweet daughter. I just hope and pray I can keep up with her as she learns faster. Thank goodness for the information age and an Internet connection. PBS and all the info that streams through mom’s school is SO helpful in staying current.

Clay and I have been talking about getting our certifications Clay would just have to take the certification classes, I’d have to take the bigger course. I haven’t really decided that it’s what I want to do. I kinda want a bakery/ restaurant business. I like baking and cooking always makes me happy. I’m good at teaching and teaching 5th grade English would be nice, maybe in a private school somewhere. Summers off would rock and vacation time during the year would be swell. Maybe I should teach HomeEc…? Sewing, cooking, budgeting, gardening, that might actually be a lot of fun.

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