Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3, 2006

Teeth solid foods and days of the week and five months as of the second of October.

At four months old and she has already cut her bottom two teeth. Those pearly whites are so tiny and so cute that when she smiles now we just melt. She has started rice cereal and actually enjoys having other things mixed in. She likes banana, sweet potato, carrots, and apple in her rice cereal. Her least fav so far is peas. Her eyes are still the most beautiful shade of gray with a starburst of cinnamon around the pupil and her ginger-brown hair is coming in thick and sticking straight up in a pixie way that makes her daddy squeaky with happy.

Clay is so excited about Halloween. He has a house to decorate and a little girl to dress as a ghost to match his Ghostbuster outfit. He also wants to dress her up for Ren Fair. She laughs lots and is SUCH an amazingly good child, she hardly ever cries and is rarely fussy. We are so incredibly blessed. She wants to eat what we are eating these days so we have to eat in shifts. She isn’t quite ready for bulk solid foods or whole grain cereals but she thinks she is. She wants what we drink and what we eat. She is going through a little separation anxiety but I think it will be okay because she knows when it is Daddy’s day. The weekend is when Clay soaks up little miss sunshine and gets to do the full dad thing. I just handle the feedings. Saturdays she wants only daddy (but I have to stay in sight) and they laugh, play, walk and enjoy being daddy and baby. She is such a very happy kid. She knows that the weekend is for family time and enjoys going out and about. She LOVES the ducks at the park. She thinks the noises they make are the funniest thing she has ever heard. Clay loves her laugh, he melts like chocolate.

Cassandra turned five months old on the 2nd of October which is our fifth anniversary. She is making bababa sounds and mamama sounds. She wants to stand more and has learned to roll over completely which we have to check her more often when she naps because of it. I know it is an important milestone on her way to crawling but it makes me nervous when she naps. Thank God she only naps three times a day. At night she relaxes into a deeper sleep and doesn’t squirm so much. I still check on her at least once during the night and pray over her what seems like ten times before I can sleep soundly. Is it any wonder I’m tired ha ha ha? Clay and I feel so very blessed it is a miracle to have her in the house and in our lives. She is so special and wonderful. Even though we’re going through a thin patch of life as far as money is concerned God has been watching out for us and it is nice to feel safe.

I hope everyone out there is being safe and taking care of themselves.

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