Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oh My God! I haven't had this much fun shopping in so long I can't even remember. Around the beginning of spring, when I was bulging out of my maternity clothes towards the end of my pregnancy, my Aunt Jenninfer suggested hitting the thrift stores there in Austin and she mapped out a circut for us to take. I couldn't find any pants of skirts that trip to fit my ever expanding belly but I walked away with some excellent shirts. Well she had so much fun that time that she said any time we needed to go again to let her know.

This was the best tip we have taken since Cassandra was born. It was her first out of town trip and there was a lot of car riding. She was a perfect Angel! I had expected her to be a bit fussy but other than a little frowning and squirming to tell us she's hungry she either looked around in fascination or slept and dreamed tiny sweet baby dreams. Clay and I can't get enough of her.

It was amazing! We managed to find four shirts in Clay's size and a pair of jeans in Clay's brand AND size! And for me? Holy cow, did I come away with a haul! several dresses, many shirts, and a goodly amount of jeans, slacks, and even a couple of sweats for working out at curves. I found dress stuff for church and going out, t-shirts and pullovers for home, stuff that fits now and things that are kinda snug for when the rest of the baby weight comes off. I've never found this much stuff in a shopping trip ever! Usually it's 5 shirts 3 jeans and a package of socks at most! AND ALL OF IT FOR UNDER $200. I even found a large pink purse with a gajillion pockets and leather strips and some story books for Cassandra. We also found a "baby fund" jar like you would pay 25-40 bucks for at the renaissance for a few bucks!

We perused through baby clothes a little but since Cassandra has all the clothes she needs for the next year at least it was more of a cursery look at what they carried. people have been so generous with us that Cassandra hardly needs anything at all. Life it great right now. I really can't wait to see what happens next.

Although I guess what happens next is we get a new car. The other guys insurance has given us the final figure and it will be more than enough for a high end used car. We hope to go test driving in a week.

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Charlene said...

Thats awesome !!! Sorry I havent called things have been kinda crazy. The kids are starting school Monday and I cant believe it. I am excited b/c they are but at the dame time I want to cry. I am hoping me going to school to will distract me from wanting to pick them up.....Ugh car shopping I think I to am going to have to bite the bullet and do the same :( Sure is nice not to have car payments...Anywayz call me whenever you get a to you later