Friday, July 14, 2006

read past due post first as this one is a bit rough

July 14, 2006

Okay so I'm sitting at home making faces at Cassandra and coaxing her tiny giggles when the phone rings:

Me: "hello?"

Clay: "Hi Sweety let me start by saying that I'm all right."

(this inspires great hights of anxiety because nothing good can come after that statement)

Me: "Oh my God what happened?"

He goes on to tell me that at the busiest intersection near our block he was waiting at the light to turn left when some college student here for summer session (I wish they were forbidden from leaving campus) comes speeding up in a little black car. The guy slows down not at all and rearends my husband's Jeep grand cherokee on the left side (apparently the maniac swerved a bit as if he was going to change lanes. Then Physics took over. the jolt from the black car shoved our jeep into the intersection to collide with the back end of a little red truck that was making a left onto the street where Clay had been waiting.

At first Clay thought that the car was going to be fine that it was just crumpled in a couple places. However when he went back to get his glasses and a few other things out of it... well when I got the call from mom she said that it was totalled and then driving by later I could tell from a DISTANCE that she was right. I've spent the last 24 hours in a state of agitated panic over what is and what could have been. He could have been killed and now we are without car.

The frame on the jeep did what it was supposed to do and buckled in the right places but the result did that the car is unfixable. Every night I say a prayer asking God to protect guide and bless us and giving thanks for all the wonders that he has showered us with. That intersection is usually so busy with people coming from the highway (two blocks east from there) that it is bumper to bumper turning south and they are always cliping the turn lane there. I could have been planning a funeral today. Thank God it is just the car and just inconvinient.

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