Monday, May 01, 2006

Tomorrow is the day we induce. After talking to our Doctor Amy, she has said that at this stage (90% effaced and 3 cm dilated) that it shouldn’t take much to induce. She is concerned that if we wait much longer that Cassandra will be too big for vaginal birth. Sandy is nearly 9 pounds now; that is the high end of delivery. Doc doesn’t foresee any problems if we go on ahead and induce tomorrow. She was really surprised I was still pregnant instead of having gone in this week to deliver. The contractions have become stronger the last few days but nothing else has happened. She said to keep an eye on it tonight and call at 5:30 in the morning to see if there is a room open for me to come in and get started with an I.V. I keep praying God will kick things into gear but as usual this wreck of a body isn’t working the way it is supposed to. Par for the course, actually, I needed medical help to GET pregnant, it figures I’d have to have medical help to stop being pregnant. I suppose there is some irony in the book end method. After a week and two days of nonstop false labor I’m ready and so is Sandy. Baby girl is settled and kicking to get things started. I am hoping and praying we won’t have to do c-section. I’d like to do this as naturally as possible, all things considered. If we are really lucky I’ll wake up hollering for Clay to grab the bags.

That poor man spent all last week counting contractions and wanting to stay up until 3:00am. We finally convinced him to settle down and cut it out because he had work and I really needed to be sleeping at night so that during the day I can care for Dobby instead of leaving the poor pup outside or letting him sleep all day. It was hard but Clay managed to curb his enthusiasm enough to get some sleep. All it really took was putting him in the recliner that mom has. It is a magic recliner with super Ralph the bag monster powers. All Clay has to do is sit for a minute or so and he is out like the light in Lotty’s eye. He really needed it too after all his precious fretting. I half expect that if I did go into labor now that he’d break the sound barrier getting home.

We got a hammock the other day and Clay set it up in the back yard. He nearly melted away when he realized that any day now he could be lying in the hammock with little Sandy snoozing peacefully on his chest. He has thought about books he wants to get and toys he wants to buy. The other day we went to Target to use the gift cards we received and picked up bottles, a mattress, an infantino baby sling and some doggy toys for our other baby. Clay put on the baby sling and showed me all the neat straps and clips for getting her in and out. I can’t put it on in my state but that will change soon. Clay is definitely chomping at the bit to put all his daddy instincts into practice. I suspect that from the second he comes home to the second she goes down to sleep will be daddy time for her. I can’t wait to see him come beaming through the door ready to lift her up and play and read and feed and change her.

Today Clay feels like it is the day before Christmas and he has to wait for the ticking clock to strike the hour for sleep. He feels like the kid in the Walt Disney commercial that’s “too excited to sleep”. He’s ready to be pampering his little girl, plying her with treats and rocking her to the soothing sounds of his singing. He is so sweet when he begins dreaming of the future with his daughter. The both of us have taken a long hard look at what it is going to take to keep her safe from some of the weird things that have happened to us in our lives. It won’t be easy but we’ve managed to come to stern agreement on several issues. We are seriously taking stock of how we want her raised and what is important to teach her and tell her and show her and even what we want to limit her exposure to. The air is thick with excitement though. So thick we are all a little sleep deprived. Let’s just hope and pray tomorrow goes super smooth.

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