Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21, 2006

I’d like to thank Clay for being so brave and willing to share such a heart felt letter. I’m also sorry that his noble intentions have been met with such animosity from some, but I’m very glad that others have reached out to him offering true support and guidance.

Cassandra is almost ready. She is settling into position and preparing to enter the world. She has been measured recently and the doc says she has VERY long legs. She has a tiny button nose and the cutest little cherub face according to the ultra sound. She is making less fussy movements and settling into the position for the big event. She’ll be born any minute to any day to… end of the week. I showed mom my impression of a Volkswagen beetle the other day. If you put two headlights on my hips I look like the classic car. I was kind of hoping to go into labor with the first storm of spring. That is when all the calves would be born on the Ranch. That first storm would hit and the barometric would change drastically and suddenly there would be little Easter egg colored calves dotting the pasture. It was dads’ favorite time of year and really the only time he was really happy. We had a good storm but as of yet there haven’t even been the rumblings of labor. Although there is some concern about my not being able to feel them because I’m stretched so far out some of that area is numb. I’m so full of baby that she can still reach up with her feet and kick me in the ribs. Sometimes she pushes so hard it feels like she is going to push herself right out without waiting for labor to even start.

Cross your fingers and hope it is soon. She will be such a cute little blessing I can hardly wait to see her. Clay has been setting up some of the toys and things and fantasizing about making her smile and making her giggle. I can just imagine the look on his face the first time she wraps her tiny fist around his finger. He can hardly talk about her without beaming. He holds her little clothes and talks about how cute she is going to be.

We’ve been planning where to set up the crib and the bassinet, we have a swing and a vibrating feeder seat (one that fits on the table top and travels anywhere), We have a high chair and mom has one too, the car seat is all set up, and the swing we got works beautifully. All these things were given to us by some really sweet and generous people. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful people and such generous hearts.

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