Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And God said “let there be Braxton Hick!” and lo it was made so…

THREE DAYS! I’ve been in Braxton Hicks Heck for three days. Every time a hard one hits I grab my rotund tummy and half the room gasps! The other half has heart failure! All the books and the officials I’ve read and or talked to have said the same thing. When the real labor hits it will be spot on timing and I’ll feel it in my back… something I’m wondering about since my only comparison marker is menstrual agony. Those feel like my muscles are trying to tear my spine apart.

I’m kinda glad that my body is going through the motions at least. It’s encouraging that I probably won’t need artificial means to deliver. It’s tiring though. I’ve been napping and sleeping a lot trying to keep up with the fatigue that seems to lurk right around the corner. Every cell in my body is swollen with the water I’ve been drinking and yet I’m still thirsty all the time. It’s an odd feeling knowing you body is preparing for something without you having to tell it to. It’s all involuntary. Not like running a marathon where you have to put in some serious mileage before the big day. But for right now we are sitting and waiting impatiently. I tell you what though no one is more impatient than baby girl. Every time the contractions stop she starts pushing HARD as if she can force her way out. I half expect her to come out screaming “FREEDOM!”

According to the Doc we are 90% effaced, she’s sitting lower and progression is … well … progressing. We are scheduled for induction on Tuesday but doc doesn’t think we will last that long. Cassandra is pushing for all she is worth trying to tunnel her way our and with the Braxton Hicks going on all the advice they can give me is walk, rest and water. I’m walking the dog in the evenings when it gets a little cooler. Dobby love’s it, even if it is hotter than an oven outside.

Poor mom is calling to check in on me every day at least twice and Clay is in MAJOR over drive. I usually give him a call at work an hour or so before he gets off work (mostly to cheer him on, let him know I miss him, a habit we got into a year or so ago) but now I call him closer to quitting time so he doesn’t fall off his chair when the phone rings. Anytime I have a “contraction” I have to resist the urge to double over because Clay lost the color in his face the first time I did it. He is so anxious for her to be an April baby that any movement and he has his keys out ready to go. Here’s hoping Cassandra is born soon because daddy is ready and mommy is ready and so is she. All we need is the go ahead from the rest of me.

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