Thursday, April 27, 2006

5 days and counting.

All of this fake "labor" that Noel's been going through has been like a kid dangling a piece of candy in front of a friend who has no money, taunting mercilessly. And the more days that go by without a change, the more exhausted she gets. At this point, one wouldn't mind the onset of actual painful contractions simply for the relief of knowing the end is finally in sight.

It's been so frustrating the past few days, mostly with the not knowing, that I'm starting to look for any reason that might account for the delay. She wants the baby to be born. Cassandra wants to be born so much that she gets fussy and starts pushing when there's a lull in the "contractions." I want her to be born, but I wonder if the timing is waiting to be right.

Noel has maintained that she doesn't want her born on a Wednesday, because according to the old poem, Wednesday's child is full of woe. Thursday's child isn't much better off (has far to go), and with Noel being a Thursday's child herself (and having had to put up with a lot of hardship across the majority of her life), it probably would be better if Cassandra skipped that day as well.

Her abdominal funkyness started late Saturday, leading us to believe that, had the contractions actually started then and progressed as normal, we would have a Sunday child (the most blessed of the week, according to the poem). But as we got closer to Wednesday, she seemed to be put on hold. Noel would have mild contractions, sometimes regular, sometimes not, and occasionally they'd get stronger, causing us both to wonder if this was the beginning of the actual show. Tuesday came and went, so did Wednesday, and now we're halfway into Thursday with no apparent change in condition. So now, after 5 days of fake labor, both mother and baby are tired, frustrated, and asking God why every single thing in this pregnancy has had to be a nice challenge, leading me to wonder if we're both so set on not having a baby on an unlucky day of the week that we've psyched her into waiting until tomorrow (Friday's child is loving and giving...) to go into actual labor...

But we've got a 5 day deadline. She's scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning (full of grace), should her labor not start naturally before then. We've still got one more Sunday's chance, so we're both hoping that this weekend is it.

Because neither of us are looking forward to the labor if they have to induce her...

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Charlene said...

Inducing...It comes on fast but is blistfully over fast..Both of my kids were that way...I strongly suggest though something to ease the contractions if ya'll induce. They come on strong and fast... Tell Ann not to worry it will be over soon and both of you will have a bundle of joy to show for it.