Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February 8, 2006

Today is a very special day. It is the last day of the 6th month which makes Cassandra so much more likely to survive if she should be born too early. Clay has been reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” every night so that Cassandra can hear his voice. He wants her to recognize him when she is born. The book is still hair raising but his voice is soothing and Cassandra kicks when he stops reading. She is already a daddy’s girl. I’m hoping that the bond between them will be strong so that she will get his confidence and strong will. She is already such a happy baby.

On a totally unrelated topic… Dobby ate an entire peach yesterday. THE WHOLE THING! He took it off the couch where I'd left it and he ate it! We spent thirty minutes outside in the dark with flashlights looking for the peach thinking he'd taken it outside or shoved it under the couch. After looking under ALL the furniture we actually counted the peach pits in the trash... And there it was the pit he had gnawed that I thought he'd just gotten out of the trash from one of the ones I'd eaten. HE'D GNAWED IT CLEAN! We even fed him the last peach wedge just to see for ourselves whether or not he'd eat it... HE DID! Even took video of it. He ate the whole peach, fuzzies and all, right down to the pit. Clay was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

Dobby’s nickname when he does hilarious stuff like this is weirdo doggy. Of course he is getting so big he has taken on the moniker of giganto doggy. He’s such a good dog and so smart. In the mornings or if he has had a bad dream he plunks his paws up on the bed and whimpers a bit. Clay lets him up on the bed and his favorite spot is in the crook of Clay’s knee, or right in between us where the covers dip. We’ve decided we may have to opt for a Cal king after we’ve had our kids. Between the kids and the dog we are going to have a VERY full bed.

It’s a good thing Dobby still likes bathing. Clay has to wash him since I can’t handle the soap. It is slightly citrusy and he likes the bundled part best when he is in his towel getting dried off. Clay tried to use the hair dryer the other day but Dobby didn’t like the noise it made. I gave Dobby the rainbow afghan strip I had started, using scraps left over from other projects, and he has taken a liking to it. He also loves the Christmas afghan I’m still working on. He curls up on it and sleeps after lunch while I read. He is the best doggy ever. Clay loves how he can move his ears back so that he looks all streamlined. He says it gives him the illusion of speed.

He loves it in the back yard. He is infatuated with the German Shepard next door. He’s been in their yard a dozen times. They figured out when he was smaller that if they dug together he could go visit her. But it didn’t stop there. He’s passed her toys TOYS! His Santa doll, his Velvet bone which he LOVES, he’s spongey ball which is a fav, and his all time besest toy the dingle ball. It is a set of knobbly balls connected by a piece of elastic and one squeaks and one rattles and it has little tassels he can chew. She is by far his favorite friend. He even passes sticks to her through the fence. The best part is even after we had him fixed they are still so in love.

Dobby also has an arch nemesis. There is a pile of rebar in the back yard that he pounces on and barks at. The previous owners used a lot of the stuff as braces for plants and stuff. Dobby took to barking at the pieces when we started cleaning up the porch. He digs at them, pounced at them, chews them, barks at them, and even drags them about the yard. He’s so cute. The picture is his first picture taken about a month after he was born. He's much bigger now but still as cute!

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