Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February 1, 2006

SWEET LOVING LORD THE COOKIES OF HEAVEN ARE HERE THEY’RE HERE!!! When they arrived I almost fainted! Jason’s mom back home makes the absolute most fabulous chocolate chip cookies the WORLD has ever seen! They are like contentment wrapped in rainbows of soothing chocolate! Little cookie shaped drops from heaven! They are all things good in this world in one singular food item! They can bring a man back from the brink of death! They are the ultimate in comfort food! No depression can stand the chocolaty goodness surrounded by the soft sunshiny dough that just warms the cockles of your very heart. I swear these cookies could cure cancer AND bring about world peace. There is an eighth wonder and she is Jason’s mom.

Cassandra has had her first World peace chocolate chip cookie and won’t get another until tomorrow. Mrs. Jason’s mom gave me the recipe too and I’ll have to try to make them the way she does. I kid you not there is love and perfection in every bite. There is something so comforting about those cookies, even Cassandra has settled down as though she were so contented she could nap and dream of tomorrows celebratory cookie.

You can dunk these cookies in Milk not because the cookies need the milk but because the milk needs the cookies. These are the kind that you savor each bite while reading an excellent book with a cozy afghan or quilt on your lap, in sockied feet and cozy sweats, and after every golden crumb has been eaten and enjoyed you daintily sip the glass of milk almost as an after thought, allowing the last vestiges of taste to dance on the palate and mingle with the cold beverage. *Large contented SIGH here* A little security in an insecure world.

Jason’s mom should have her own HOLIDAY, one where she is carried around on a plinth all day and her chores are done by fairy folk. Just like my mom should have one for her tamales. OH! Mom’s tamales and Jason’s mom’s cookies for dessert! I think I’m going to pass out now in a cookie induced peace coma.

As Clay and I endeavor to make the house we bought home we begin to look back on what made other places like Bloomington, Nursery, Victoria, San Antonio, and others HOME. One of the top five reasons was these cookies. Clay lit up when he saw who they were from and even more when he saw the slice of bread in there to help them keep. I can still remember the first one I ever had. Jason brought a huge bucket to school. One of those giant ice cream buckets that you can save when the ice cream is gone. All morning everyone was babbling about the bucket. I finally asked a friend who looked at me wide eyed and said “He brought his mom’s chocolate cookies”.

The hushed tones I thought were a bit much (seeing as I figured one cookie was like the next) “O. K.” I said waiting for more info.

“have you ever had one?” he asked.

“No” I said which elicited a gasp of horror from him. “What?!” I asked a little alarmed.

“If you haven’t had one then you don’t get it.”

I pried for more information but he just shook his head.

At lunch I got curious and asked Jason what they were all talking about. He handed me one. Like all the others it was love at first bite. I’m not usually big on chocolate chip cookies as they are either too sweet or not sweet enough but these… these were perfect. Just sweet enough to compliment the chocolate perfectly as though absolute harmony had been reached in all the ingredients. It was heavenly and I wanted another one. After three of them I still wanted one. That was when I knew they were the best cookies ever.

It is my greatest hope that with some hard work and practice I will be able to closely simulate the wonderful work Jason’s mom does with this recipe. I want my little girl and her siblings to enjoy these treats; for them to have a little slice of heaven right there in the kitchen when they come home from school.

Here is our little baby girl at 26 weeks. Clay says she has my cute button nose and I think she will have his long legs.

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