Monday, January 30, 2006

January 30, 2006

As January draws to a close I am left to wonder at life’s miracles and the generosity of family. With my recent stay from employment we were afraid we were going to end up in WAY more debit than we already are. Since the birth is going to be somewhere between three and four hundred dollars (minus what we have already paid for) and we have a washer dryer, tree service, and birthing classes to pay for Clay was starting to sweat because I only earned enough for the tree services and the birthing classes. But mom said last week that my uncle David is saving up for the birth. I feel so blessed to be a Benavides. I am always surprised at how cohesive we are for being in such far off places. Mom is talking about moving about the time Cassandra is five to be closer to the family. Maybe Georgetown.

I know “Cassius Kay” will have the fire of a Benavides. She is a smart one too. She has figured out that if she thumps on my bladder and I don’t go that all she has to do is thump a little harder. To be honest I’m a little afraid I won’t be able to keep up with her. If she is half this active on the outside as she is on the inside then I’m going to have to up my stamina big time. The best odds diet (the diet for pregnant mother) is engineered for a healthy pregnancy and healthy weight loss. Plus mom says she will help me with weight watchers since she has had a great deal of success.

Things are looking up for the first time in a long time as far as my health and the relationships I have with my family and my husband. I just hope this trend holds after some “house keeping” that we have decided to do for reasons that are ours alone. Sometimes things have to be done and the reasons can’t be shared.

Tomorrow I go in for one more ultra sound and THIS TIME we will have video tape. Not like last time when the master of the videos spaced and forgot to bring one at all. Clay’s mind can only handle so many things and at the time the both of us had more than our fair share. Fear not as there will be “baby vision” coming soon to this blog near you.

Mom will be so pleased to see the video of her first grandbaby. She’s been so excited thinking about ladies day out. When I was little she would take me out on Friday afternoons to Luby’s and we would dine like ladies. She taught me table manners and we talked about little things so that by the time I was three my Mima got to show me off. She took us to the Neiman Marcus Restaurant. We got dirty looks when we walked in, I mean who takes a three year old to a shwanky place like that? But by the time those people were done with their food and ordering dessert they realized that I hadn’t uttered a peep the entire time. I’d been a perfect lady and they were so impressed that Mima and Mom got lots of compliments. It’s amazing what a little time and attention can do for a child.

Mom took Clay out yesterday and bought him a couple pairs of jeans (and since he can only wear Levi’s we went to Dillards 60% off sale. Can you believe those jeans were 40 dollars before the cut??)for about 27 each and after several stops we found him a pair of shoes for around 60. 100 bucks doesn’t buy what it used to and we still have to fence shirts but that will have to wait until some of the more pressing expenses are out of the way. I’m hoping that once things have settled down more and Cassandra is safe at home that we will be able to take a good hard look at our finances. I’m hoping to trim any fat left over from the apartment and set aside more so we have money for emergency stuff like the dead pine removal, clothes, dental (if she has Clay’s AND my teeth it will be years of orthodontia), and medical. Right now we can’t set aside fast enough and that is a bit of a problem since I always promised I’d set aside an account just for her college, one for her marriage, and one for her house. But if life on the ranch taught me anything it’s that there is always something you can do without in order to save a little money for something really truly important. I can’t wait.

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