Saturday, January 21, 2006

January 21, 2006

Well a TON of stuff has happened between the last time I wrote and now. Let’s see we moved in and have officially moved out of the apartment. Notice I said we haven’t officially unpacked. That will come later. There is so much to focus on right now. Dobby, our boxer cross, is very happy and healthy although we are getting his shots a little late the vet said that he should be okay if we just keep him home. Of course that means no trips to the park until all his shots are in and that won’t be until March. I had no clue that Parvo shots took three months to get. We are having him neutered next week, and even though I know it is the best thing for him I can’t help but feel bad. I guess it’s because I wouldn’t want someone going in and hacking out pieces of MY anatomy whether it was good for me or not. Dr. Styles says that getting it done now will be a lot easier on him and mom said that hormonally it will be easier because he doesn’t have to get all pumped up and then dropped off the edge, which can cause problems.

Clay and I are excited even though there is a ton to do and hardly a dime to do it. I’ve started subbing in Mom’s classroom again and have actually crossed over into the next highest earning bracket (it’s only 5 bucks more a day but it is worth it). It’s a lot of walking and sitting but the midwife I say a few weeks ago said I should be exercising six days a week (I almost laughed at her. It was like she wasn’t aware that I have been on near total bed rest for the last four months). It’s like they expect me to jump up and start being super active now after four months of stagnant living. My stamina is shot but it is getting better with each week I spend at the school. This is good because between Cassandra and Dobby I’m going to have my hands full.

My life is way too full as it is to worry about some of the DRAMA that has been going on lately. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all the errands I need to run and things we really need that we REALLY can’t afford. Birthing classes are going to cost nearly $100 and the tree service to cut down the dead pine and remove the encroaching branches off one of the trees (hanging over the power line) is over $200 and then of course there is the birth itself which Clay and I will be paying off for a while. Then there are things like patio furniture, ladder and gutter cleaners, some kind of edging to keep Dobby from digging his way into the neighbors yard to play with the Shepard next door, and the washer and dryer we will be paying off until Cassandra is three. And that is just a drop in the bucket. Mom has graciously taken it upon herself to pay for Dobby’s medical needs and this is after dropping $500 for the earnest money to contract the house AND spending the money for my cat to get a tumor removed that has metastasized. The vet says it bought her a little more time but how much more she doesn’t know.

Mom has spent so much money to keep us going, paying for doctor’s visits and gifts and food and trips. Recently she took us to Austin and got us all new clothes. She has been overly generous without us even asking and even when we have protested. There is a lot I’ve put my foot down on saying “no, keep it for something urgent” or “It isn’t that important, Clay and I can save up for it.” This is true it just takes us anywhere from a month to six months to save up for something we need. Fortunately the Fridge we bought with the money left over from the inheritance money we used to buy the house. There wasn’t enough for the washer dryer, though and now we owe Lowe’s nearly $800. I take consolation in the fact that it isn’t a credit card company that is going to gouge us for every day that the debit is owed. Department stores are just better that way. Mom wanted to pay for those too. I keep telling her she is nuts to spend all her money on us but she says it is only fair, since Matt still lives with her and it has been decided that her current house will be left to him (something I’m all for). She does all this without being asked at all. It’s like because she couldn’t give us the life she wanted us to have when we were younger (the fancy schooling, good clothes, the college money) she wants to make up for it by making damn sure we are taken care of now.

We’ve gotten all of our major furniture in place for the most part. TV is hooked up and we actually get two extra channels where we are now. The living room and kitchen is set up and the rest are coming along. Oh and we have a ghost.

5:50 in the morning on the 6th of January I woke with a start thinking I’d heard the doorbell and the front door open and close. In the bleary darkness I figured I was hearing things and scooted closer to Clay at which point I hear a young man’s voice (similar to Matt’s) say “mom?” from the kitchen. I shift to hear better, thinking my imagination had just extended the dream when it came again, “mom?” The sheets had muffled that one but I was definitely awake that time.

I wondered if Matt had sleepwalked to my house, used his key to enter and was looking for mom. I reached for Clay, not wanting to answer right away, and said “I thought I heard the doorbell.” I again heard the call. I’m wide awake and sure it isn’t Matt. Clay said “you must be dreaming sweety.”

I prop myself up straining to hear when the fourth call comes. I’m looking out the door and gripping Clay’s arm to say I think there is someone in the house when I see in the inky shadow a head shaped dark patch emerge from the hall as if someone were there peeking inside the bedroom. I gasped and Clay (thinking the open door had frightened me) said “It’s okay sweety, remember we left the door open for ventilation.” But my grip had tightened and almost on top of his words I say “Clay! I think there’s someone in the house!”

Now as I had gasped and began to speak the shadowy figure had zipped back in the direction of the kitchen as though whoever had been there had run at the sound of surprise. Clay immediately bolts up and out the door flipping on lights saying “not for long” as he goes to chase the intruder out. I found out later that Clay too had seen the shadow whip back towards the kitchen and had assumed it was his eyes clearing the last vestiges of dream away and were just playing tricks on him.

In a matter of seconds Clay was in the kitchen and the lights were on. He even went outside to the yard to see if he could hear any crunchy footsteps in the leaves. Both doors were locked. No sign or sound of the intruder could be found. Had I been the only one to see the shade peeking in from the hall and then whipping back to the kitchen I could have chalked it up to nerves of owning a home for the first time or sleep playing tricks on me but he had seen the figure too and in the same spot doing the same thing at the same time. I couldn’t pass that off as coincidence. And had there been a man of flesh and blood the doors would have made noise as he retreated. The front door has a second glass door on the outside and the back door leads to the garage and that door to the back yard which at the time was covered in a thick blanket of dry leaves. There is no way a human could have passed from the house without us hearing something. This in mind, my late night bathroom breaks are always a little more exciting than they should be. The kitchen is a little spookier at night now.

Well Good news, Clay got to feel his daughter kick today for the first time. She is growing stronger every day and actually has figured out that if she thumps me in the bladder hard enough that I’ll go and give her a little more room. The fuller it gets the harder and more frequent she thumps. He laid his head on my belly this morning and waited patiently. After a few minutes he felt the tiny foot thump on his cheek. He said it was so amazing to feel her inside there moving about. I really wish that human men could carry the baby for part of the term if only to feel the life they helped bring about. It would probably lead to fewer broken homes, fewer abandoned babies and fewer pregnant teens. Actually what would lead to fewer pregnant teen couples is if the fathers-to-be got the boobs. Can you see the star quarterback of the football team explaining his inability to go play because his chest is tender? HAHAHA!

Anyhoo, I’m off to go watch the first half of this seasons lost and then hopefully Clay and I can keep up with it for the rest of the season. ABC comes in rather nicely now.

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