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December 26, 2005

Where to start? This has been something of a magical December in that many unexpected things are happening. I’ll try to keep things in order as they happened.

On the thirteenth…


Clay has been tearing with joy since then, I’m a little relieved since being a first born Daughter is something I know all about. Clay’s mood is better than ever. He’s up and happy and genuinely giving 110% effort in all areas. He’s more organized, thoughtful of others instead of just himself and genuinely wants to be a better person for me and the baby. He’s happier now than the day I met him nearly 11 years ago and is using a ton more common sense and putting 2 and 2 together. The poor dear has battled with his self image for years and is only now coming into his own and dealing with a lot of past hurts that have delayed any personal growth he would have done at a younger age. However he is facing them like a pro and doing the work he needs to. Sometimes he takes things on too fast and taking on too much at a time. It’s lovable how eager he is to mold his life into adult hood.

Cassandra is a lucky little girl to have a daddy who cares so deeply about her that he would change his whole world just to make hers better. She is going to love the evenings when he is home and the stories he will read. I could tell when Clay got the news that it really hit him. He’s going to have a baby girl, his baby girl, and he will come home to his girls. We’ll read together and play together and he will be Daddy and I will be mommy. He spent that day in happy tears. We’re his girls and he’d do anything for us.

He can’t wait for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthday’s or any other special event. It will be the three of us and that has made Clay’s life over flowingly full.

On the 17th

FAMILY! In the Benavides family are some of the funniest people I have ever or will ever meet. We could take our family diner conversations on the road and entertain the masses. The eldest trooped in with his two sons and wife and we went to the down town area for a carriage ride. However it began to rain and with the already cold air the horse was unable to attend. But we left the apples with the drivers and thanked them for trooping out anyway and headed across the parking lot to the little restaurant that served hot cocoa and sweet potato fries. We ate drank and were merry and went home to meet the youngest brother and his family. Oddly enough his kids are six months older than the eldest’s boys and much sportier for being two girls. There were stories of injury and road trips gone awry that filled the house with laughter. The cousins opened their first gifts which contained funny candies (toilets full of flavor powder and plunger lolly pops for the boys and candy lipsticks and compacts for the girls) and tickets to the new King Kong.

After a while we tottered off to bed thinking of all the funny things we had talked about. Today we awoke early and dashed off to the ranch where the Aunts and Uncles were staying for a hearty breakfast and joyful conversation about odds and ends. There was some talk about the new baby coming soon and many tales of the pregnancies preceding it. Cassandra is lucky to have so many people who care about her as am I. We went antiquing however, being on limited mobility put me in a wheel chair for the ride and most stores down town are not built wheel chair friendly. I did get to enjoy a few of the places we went to including one with an old style soda fountain.

On the 18th

This morning we said good bye to the Benavides clan. It is strange but this time I miss them even more. Becoming a mother has heightened my already strong need for family and while I know that if they all lived next door we’d be in each others faces all the time telling each other what we think the others should be doing I still wish we could get together more than once a year. The stories of old times and past trauma turned comedy is something I miss a great deal. These days people gripe none stop about their problems and I’ve been exposed to the trivial petty squabbling so long and so often I’ve forgotten how to laugh at my problems the way a true Benavides should. They are a dose of good medicine after a year of crap.

WE HAVE A PUPPY! Ever since my dog Spotty was killed by my dad I have wanted to heal over that spot in my heart. Clay has known for years that I want a dog and when the opportunity came up he took it. My brother-in-law knows someone up where he and his wife live whose dog had pups. They got their first round of shots and were then given away. So they picked one out for us. The 18th is when we had Christmas with Clay’s family so the dog wasn’t the only gift. Dobby was the first of the big presents, from a charming tree topper that sits atop our tree this year to the air filter and vacuum, which we received. This year we wanted practical things as we are getting a house tomorrow… at least we hope we are.

On the nineteenth…

We have officially signed our lives over to the bank. As of today we are now the proud owners of one 35 year old house complete with huge back yard and front lawn to take care of. Two bedrooms, a library, a living room, bathroom, and giant kitchen are ours to decorate, clutter, paint, clean, repair, and remodel if we so wish or deem necessary.

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