Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Once more back to the couch, dear friends. You’ve heard the expression “There’s no rest for the weary.” Well I can attest to the fact that there is no activity for the restless either. Doc let me off bed rest last week Tuesday saying “take it slow and easy”. I did, I swear I did. But never the less Saturday morning I started cramping and faint spotting. I have to say the Fear thing is getting so past old! Fortunately Clay returned me home to bed and a day of sleep seems to have cured the trouble. I hadn’t even gone through the fruit section just inside the door of H.E.B.! The last time I went Clay put me in a wheel chair (like we did Ren Fest. That was bumpy.) So that Thanksgiving ingredients were all bought (of course we still forgot the Cool whip).

So here I am again on the couch which is getting more uncomfortable with each passing week. It is 20 to 30 dollars to replace each foam block so the extra pillows and blankets will have to do. My computer is at hand though Neopets.com is where I spend 90% of my internet time. But I have books a plenty and writing materials though recent years have yielded little imagination for fanciful stories of sprites and wood elves.

God, I miss the great outdoors! That was where all my imagining took place, in the wide open spaces of wind swept country. Mom says I must have more in common with my Aztec Indian great-great-great-grandmother. Often I’ve wished to know more about her, what she looked like and what kind of person she was. It’s important to know where one comes from. For instance, many of you might not know it to look at me but I am half Hispanic and act very much so. For instance, it is considered polite not to look your betters in the eye. This has can cause problems like in Mom’s Neighbors case with a belligerent teacher who tends to have a racist attitude toward the Hispanics in her classroom. It’s very sad. However since mom is next door she has imparted some knowledge to him enabling him to get around the teachers hang-ups so that the real situation can be addressed.

That must be why I love Mexican food so much, that and Italian food, there is just something about the family centric big life cultures that has always attracted me. Example: when you see a movie like Under the Tuscan Sun or Much ado About Nothing or a show like Everybody Loves Raymond You get to see just how big Italian life can be. Movies like Monster-in-law give you a decent view of the big difference between Hispanic American culture and wealthy American culture or in What a Girl Wants, American bohemian culture and wealthy English culture. Hispanics, Spanish, Italian all live Big and Close. There are no secrets, no lies, no hiding from the truth. Back biting goes on to a certain extent but there is a protocol to follow unwritten in the family code. Things like, everyone knows not to bring up Cousin Louise in the presence of Auntie Rose. Everyone knows that the first thing you do when walking into Grandmother Lydia’s house is to go to her and kiss her cheek. And everyone attends the Catholic service during family gatherings and the children are on their best behavior because it is family tradition and thou shalt not squirm while father Raphael gives the 45 minute sermon. But then it is back to the house to tell stories and eat till you can eat no more and the kids are in play clothes and running about and the noise is deafening but some how you don’t mind it.

In my family (mom’s family) I have two uncles, and it is understood that we are all a little loose in the nuts and bolts area. David has gone cold turkey from all his vices this year and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt and a lot of humor. John still has his hang-ups with the rest of THEIR dad’s family (great uncle Rudy and Great uncle Guillermo and their numerous children and their kids, my second cousins) and he’s going to bring it up and the age old debate will continue. And like always I’ll listen with rapt attention as they gripe and argue knowing it is all understood that though they see not eye to eye they love each other and in the end they will agree to disagree with no hard feelings. Not to mention all the stories that Jen, the Shopping Queen will bring to the table, and the insightful yet quiet comments Judy will bring that round everything out so well. The cousins are getting big and old.

Lately I’ve started to think about the Christmases to come. How many years will we have together? You, me, the baby and all our crazy relatives only get to be here for a little while. Life, even 70-90 years of it, seems too short to do and see all the things we want to do and see and if we took time to do and see it all then we’d miss out on telling those we love that they are making us crazy but we love them anyway because we know they are doing it out of their own sense of care and concern and that we will soon be returning the favor. It isn’t fair that life is imperfect and short but that makes it all the more precious.

When I have a chance I will upload Sprouts first concert piece with mommy entitled Heart Beat, ha ha. We finally got a recording and now I just have to figure out how to get it on here from a tape.

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