Friday, November 04, 2005

Today is Day 4 of week 12! The first trimester is nearly over, Thank God! I'll be so glad when baby and I are out of the woods. Being a risky pregnancy has done nothing for my nerves but also makes baby even more special. I don't think Clay or I will ever take our children for granted. After working so hard to over come the fertility issues and then knowing going in that we were at risk for miscarriage even their worst day will seem like mild trouble in comparison to their not being at all. I think about all the accidents that should have taken me from my parents. Freak accidents like falling, no, flying off a two wheeler to be knocked unconscious, falling off a horse onto my neck, things that turned mom’s hair white and wrinkled dad’s face with worry.

I think what made the difference was what the women before me did. Mom and her mom before her took their children to the church and got down on hands and knees and gave us into God’s hands. My Mimaw knew she couldn’t give her three kids the life they deserved so she asked God to step in. Mom knew that her life was better than it should have been because of it and so she did the same for me and Matt.

Clay and I have finally come up with a name if it is a girl. Cassandra Kay Kronke, Cassandra was my idea and it has grown him and he likes Kay because it was his dad’s middle name and then we figured we’d stick with his last name I mean trying to pick another one would be a hassle. We don’t have anything for a boy yet, some promising ideas but nothing permanent. Nothings really reached out and grabbed us yet although the name Matthew has come up frequently.

Cassandra Kay. “Cassandra Kay, come in for dinner.” “Cassandra Kay have you finished your homework?” “Cassandra Kay Put your little brother DOWN!” Yeah it’s a keeper.

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