Friday, November 18, 2005

November 18, 2005

I thought my readers might like to know some of the scientific stuff that is happening with sprout at this time in the pregnancy. As you know I am still restricted to bed rest thought I have been given a half day of wheel chairing it around the Renaissance Festival. I can’t pass up steak on a stick, a turkey leg to split and a lovely fruit cup coupled with hilarity and shopping. Plus according to Baby is finally old enough to savor mommy’s meals!

14 Weeks

Muscles lengthen and become organized. The mother will soon start feeling the first flutters of the unborn child kicking and moving within.

15 Weeks

The fetus has an adult's taste buds and may be able to savor the mother's meals.

Also I have finally begun to feel the baby. There is an odd rolling sensation that feels almost unnatural from time to time if I’m lying on my right side. It feels like Sprout is doing baby taebo. Baby’s favorite food so far (though nothing has been repulsed by Sprout) is the tacos rice and beans from Casa Ole’. Mexican food has definitely taken the top shelf even over Italian. It’s funny because my mother’s whole family (whom Matt and I take after a great deal) is Hispanic. Poor sprout comes from a long line of fighters on both sides. Clay says between his stubborn Kronke blood and my bull headed Benavides blood Sprout is going to be a firecracker.

And of course the only way to handle a strong willed child is with patience, guidance, understanding, and always having your “because clause” ready for the ever challenging question of “why?”. I was a bull headed individual as a child so I know how tenacious they can be. Mostly thought I wanted to know why things could or could not be done. Like why couldn’t I feed the cows standing on the ground with dad? Because the cows were much bigger and heavier and mom and dad didn’t want me squished. I could however feed the cows from the safety of the truck bed and laugh at the cows funny tongues. Tantrums will have to be handled with down time, sternly helping the child realize they have hit the stamina wall and then giving them safe quiet place or lap to settle in until they feel under control enough to either nap or go play again.

Mostly Clay and I can’t wait until we have Sprout and bring him/her home for the first time. We figure we will put baby on the bed with a warm blankie and then stare until Sprout is awake again. Clay was going through the firsts; first noise first cry first sneeze first diaper, first nose grab, first laugh, first glasses grab. Miracle Sprout is going to be the cutest sweety. We can’t wait to meet Sprout, if we can just make it to February.

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