Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Baby's First Halloween Prank

SO! Baby decided to scare mommy and daddy for halloween this year. Technically it is baby's first halloween and mommy and daddy were making such a fuss that baby decided to join in the fun. At about seven o'clock I started bleeding again. So after lying down and spending an hour on the phone to Scott and White and getting them to call the doc on call that night (the trick around the office on Halloween is for people to hide the schedules...haha) I finally got to talk to Doc Appleton. This is the third OBGYN that I've spoken to so now the whole office should know me and baby by now. They said if there isn't any cramping (which there wasn't) and if it did not get any worse (which it didn't) that they would fit me in the next day.

This afternoon Clay took me to the clinic and Doc Bertsch (birch) checked me and baby out. She said at this stage miscarrying would be VERY unlikely. This is the beginning of baby's 12th week. In the sonogram baby was sucking his/her thumb and moving about jsut fine. So the doc says take it easy and don't do a lot of strenuous activity. Which I suspect that Sundays intense three minute vomit routine I did during our halloween party because of a bug I picked up didn't help.

Anyway, so baby is shaping up to be a laid back tough little kronklette. So here's to baby's first prank on Halloween night.


Hez said...

The Kronklette is very cute! I printed out the closeup of the sonogram and showed it to mom. She concurs with my opinion. :-D

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the little baby will worrying you so much. I have known women that spotted off and on and were fine. Good luck. Diane

diniread said...

I meant to say will stop worrying you so much. Sorry