Monday, October 03, 2005

For a long time I've kept away from blogging because laying it all out there for people to see always felt more like airing your knickers for the neighbors to see. But now that my husband and I are pregnant and our friends are ALL two to eight hours away this is a better way to keep in touch than sending blanket emails about baby's progress. Plus it give my friends and far off relatives a chance to read what's going on sort of like a more frequent holiday family newsletter. This way we can keep in touch without cluttering peoples email boxes.

Well Mom and I went to pick out maternity patterns Sunday afternoon. We actually found some pretty designs and some gorgeous fabric in the sale section. Mom has had the sewing bug since Matt got involved with the local theater. I hope to learn to sew better myself so that baby will have a good set of clothes made by mommy. Mom can't wait to be a grandmother. She is so excited. She will be much less worried once the first trimester is over. She wants to set up a crib and highchair at her home so baby can stay over once in a while.

Clay has taken to talking to baby just before we sleep. He says things like he can't wait to see baby, that we have a special place all set up, that there are so many people who love baby already. I know he will be an excellent father by the way his face lights up when we talk about play clothes and church clothes and all the activities we will do with the child. He wants to teach baby about art and I'd like to set up a little container garden so baby can play in the dirt while mommy pots herbs.

We have a photo album and hope to get a scrap book full of baby's firsts. I need to get the cameras fixed so that we can take lots of pictures. I hope that Clay will take a lot of video also that way we will have DVDs of baby's exploits.

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